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What is VeraCash?

VeraCash is part of the same group and has been created in 2015. It is the first all-in-one solution that provides an account, a prepaid card and an account backed by physical gold and silver. With VeraCash you can get out of the traditional banking system without having to change your habits! Our mission is to make precious metals as available as possible and to develop a durable gold-backed currency based on strong values. 

VeraCash gives you access to three precious metals:

  • GoldSpot which is backed by ingots
  • GoldPremium which is backed by investment coins and tokens
  • Silver
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How does it work ?

The concept is straightforward: after you have opened your account online in a couple of minutes and for free, you will be able to credit your account with the precious metals available on our platform, and according to the distribution you prefer. As soon as your deposit has been made, you will then be the official holder of grams of precious metals, vaulted in highly secured free ports in Geneva. From then on, you are free to dispose of your assets the way you wish: you can save them, spend them via the VeraCash card, or even exchange them through VeraCash transfers!

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For our Swiss users, as the VeraCash card cannot be issued in Switzerland, you can use your VeraCash account to transfer VRC to relatives or resale your precious metals by bank transfer. For more information about where the VeraCash card can be issued and accepted, click here


What are the advantages compared to Lingold?



credit your account

Immediate availability of your precious metals

With the VeraCash card Mastercard, your precious metals are handy. You can convert them into currency at any time buy paying with your VeraCash card


No commissions

With your VeraCash card,  no commissions applied for all withdrawals and payments outside the eurozone


No account fees

 If you do at least one operation every 6 months (learn more about our pricing


No storage fees

The precious metals bought in VeraCash are freely vaulted in the Geneva Free Ports vaults

send vrc

Pay and send precious metals instantly and for free

From the VeraCash app or the website, you can easily send precious metals to relatives at any time

view your balance

Manage your account simply

With the VeraCash app, all your precious metals are handy

Fosters the sharing economy

Refers relatives

Take advantage of the VeraCash network to refer friends and family and receive a bonus for each confirmed account!

Refer a member

Business account and young account

With the business account offer An alternative to the traditional banking system for your company’s cash management Give your child financial independence with the young account. 

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